Almost Down (Sutton Point)

Once 17 storeys, now down to the final push

Sutton Point was a 17 storey concrete framed tower block in the centre of Sutton. Over the past several months the building has been steadily demolished using the ‘top down’ method. All of the demolition works were hidden behind a screen of scaffolding, so there has been no evidence of any demolition works whilst looking at the building from ground. After each week that passed you would see some of the scaffold being removed, and you could see that the section of building behind had vanished.

This method was completed down through the building, with the last few floors demolished using traditional demolition excavators working from the ground. The final job before leaving site will be to remove the foundations in the ground.


"With the construction works in full swing around us, the last corner is all that remains of the 17 storey building"

100 years of demolition experience


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