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Increasing your Demolition Contractor ccompany profile has never been more important than it is today with Social Media and Online Marketing. Within the Demolition industry maintaining up to date images of projects is very important, not just for a record but also for surveying and pricing work. However it has always been difficult to film some of the larger projects from above unless it is next to a taller building.

Not so however at the Downwell Group where we have our very own magnificent man Matthew Captain ‘High’ and his drone ‘Dave’. Matthew has a RPAS flying qualification and is fully insured to fly ‘Dave’ up, up and away over our sites enabling us to keep an accurate record of progress on work and carry out surveys at Tender stage to ensure we deliver the most competitive tender we can.

As well as our intrepid Drone Pilot Matthew is our project co-ordinator and has been with Downwell for over two years. He has considerable experience in the Demolition Industry including being a qualified Demolition Manager, Accesing NVQ’s for the NFDC and developing considerable 3D modelling for Tender and Client presentations.

Now he is excelling as a Drone Pilot in the skies above London and the South East filming our ever increasing number of projects.

Downwell are an established Enabling and Demolition Contractor based in Thurrock, Essex. We work in London and the South East on a wide range of Projects.

Our Clients include: Main Contractors, Surveyors, Cost and Project Management Practices, Architects and Local authorities.

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Demolition Contractor

Dave the Drone

..our very own magnificent man Matthew Captain 'High' and his drone 'Dave'. Matthew has a RPAS flying qualification and is fully insured to fly 'Dave' up, up and away over our sites.

100 years of demolition experience


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