A Demolition Challenge at Gascoigne School, Barking

Following on from our recent work at the Gascoigne Estate, Barking for Wates Residential Downwell took their ‘Demolition Challenge Game’ to Gascoigne School.

A Demolition Challenge in Barking

Marketing Bid Manager Alan Knight accompanied by SHEQ manager Shane Fountain visited the School on Friday 3rd December. The challenge is a game using radio-controlled excavators. The pupils have to use the radio-controlled excavators to knock down wooden blocks placed on top of each other in ‘Jenga Fashion’. Inside the blocks are balls and small pieces of wood representing a building.

Once the blocks have been demolished, they have to be transported to a recycling centre. The wooden blocks score – one point, the balls – two points, and the small pieces of wood – half a point.

Before the game started, the pupils watched a video of Downwell at work on the Gascoigne Estate and slides on recycling in demolition.
Three classes took part, and the pupils loved it. There were screams and shouts as they encouraged each other to score as many points as possible.

The two pupils scoring the highest points in each class were awarded book tokens as prizes.

Downwell have been asked to return to the School in January to set the Demolition Challenge to more classes at the School.

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If you are interested in taking the Demolition Challenge at your School, after School Club contact Alan.knight@downwell.co.uk

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