Acoustic Quilts Used On Site

Party walls during pneumatic breaking are screened with acoustic quilts to reduce impact on neighbouring properties.

Acoustic Quilts

To help reduce the impact of pneumatic breaking on a neighbouring building we contacted RVRENTAVENT to help us design a strategy to ensure that the the works did not have a negative impact.

They suggested that we created an acoustic barrier using their NOAQ – Contractor Acoustic Quilts. These help to reduce the noise levels by up to 24db. They are lighweight to move around site and are just hung from a standard Heras panel.

The noise that is created during demolition works is extremely difficult to remove completely. However using this product to reduce the impact on the neighbours of our sites not only helps to reduce complaints, but shows that there are options out there to help reduce any negative impact of the site.

If you would like help with a noise reduction strategy for your contract please contact

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