BAFTA Winning Potential in Demolition

After 8 days Travis House was no more more! Ferguson House firmly in our sights and vanishing fast and all under the watchful eye of a documentary film crew………No pressure!

BAFTA Winning Demolition from the Downwell Group

As soon as our high reach machine started tearing into Travis House we knew it would not be long until there was only a pile of hardcore left and after 8 days it is now a reality. Our expert high reach operator Matthew Stevens made it fall as if it were a dolls house. If this isn’t a BAFTA winning performance I don’t know what is.

If the pressure of our Managing Director Matt Phillips watching over his shoulder was not enough he also had to give several interviews to the film crew that have been on site over the past week filming for a new television series.

We were approached by a film crew from Middlechild Productions who are making a documentary about large scale and interesting demolition projects around the world. We were more than happy to invite them to one of our projects so that they can film Downwell at their best.

They have now filmed several sessions on site now completing a mixture of filming, photography and interviews with our own industry experts.

The documentary is called “The Demolition Man” and is to air in the spring 2016 on a new Freeview channel called Insight.

Downwell certainly delivered a BAFTA Winning Demolition performance.

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"The show is very much a celebration of brilliant engineering so we're keen to follow the best companies in the world of demolition including yourselves, who I know are renowned in the industry" - Elle Scott Middlechild Productions

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