Cladding Removal Services – Tower Blocks

In light of the Grenfell disaster it testing has established that fire will rapidly spread through the voids in the cladding. Therefore it is a matter of priority that replacement of dangerous cladding is a top priority with a report published in May 2020 setting that more than two thirds of buildings in Manchester and London are high risk


Cladding Removal Services – London and the South East

The Downwell Group can provide a one stop service for the removal of cladding. Just as the COVID 19 pandemic broke last year the government announced £1 billion pounds of aid for removal of cladding on buildings over 18m high in both the publicans private sectors

As a group we provide Demolition, Strip Out, Asbestos Removal and Scaffolding Solutions and as part of the demolition process we are experienced at removing cladding of all types. Asbestos can be found in the bitumen which holds metal panels in place and in the insulation materials.

On older buildings the cladding panels are often made of asbestos.

Our services are available independently or as a complete service and can work closely with cladding companies to enable installation of new cladding.

For more information on our cladding removal services or a quote Tel: 01708 932 300





The government has earmarked £1 billion pounds towards removal of cladding on buildings over 18m high

100 years of demolition experience


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