Drones in Demolition

Interesting project with stunning views across the quay off to a successful start

Drones in Demolition – Aerial View of Docklands Project

Demolition shots taken of our project in the Docklands area of London for which we are proudly working for the major house builder Bellway. The demolition has just commenced with the completion date to be mid May 2015.

We recently purchased a drone to help us to have an aerial view of our demolition projects. The drone is a great tool to safely get up close shots of the demolition works and to have a stunning aerial view of the progress on site. We are also starting to use it for surveying to help get a clear picture of projects we are surveying.

The drone we purchased is a DJI Inspire 1. This quadcopter uses gps to allow the drone to hover in the same location whilst only using slight adjustments of the controls to remain in one spot. This highly useful tool is to be used more and more often over the next coming months. Please keep checking our YouTube channel for more videos.

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"Our Inspire drone is a valuable tool for documenting our projects and is also extremely beneficial for helping to price and quantify projects"

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