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Downwell Demolition the Essex based Demolition Contractor are very keen to promote site safety wherever we work. One of the ways we do the is by working with Schools who are situated near to the projects.

Demolition Company ‘Safety Painting and Drawing Competition’

As a Demolition company we are putting into place various safety initiatives as part of our Community Liaison.

Downwell are currently working on the Demolition of Howe Barracks in Canterbury. The site is very large and has a lot of residential properties close to the Site. The children who live here also go to the local Pilgrims’ Way Primary School. The site has full time security guards on site and fenced off.

After we have completed the demolition phase Taylor Wimpey Developments will be building new housing on the site.

With the summer holidays upon us we thought it would be very beneficial to educate the children from the School about site safety. To do this we devised a painting and drawing competition where we asked the children to draw a picture of Downwell carrying out the demolition work at the barracks incorporating health and safety messages. We had provided them information about our work and the dangers associated with demolition sites.

We set the competition and divided into age groups from reception to year 6. Our managing Director Matt Phillips and Commercial Manager Sarah Clark spent a lot of time deciding on the winners. The standard was very high and they judged it on who had incorporated relevant safety messages.

Presentation of prizes

The Lord Mayor of Canterbury Rosemary Doyle was delighted to come along and present the prizes of book tokens.

At the presentation from Downwell were Alan Knight, Steve Padmore and Matthew High, from Taylor Wimpey Phil Laycock and Tommy Davenport attended.

All the submitted artworks have been displayed on the fencing outside the Barracks.

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