Social Value – Working at the Thurrock Food Bank

For the last four years Downwell have been supporting the Thurrock Food Bank. Our Social value Manager Alan Knight headed down to the Food Bank to offer his help

Thurrock Food Bank Warehouse

Alan’s day started with a trip to Tesco to purchase Downwell’s donation of goods for the hampers. The food bank had given him a list of items they needed for the hampers.

With the car loaded up, Alan headed to Thurrock.

It is like a well organised Military operation to set out the food in lines to allow the volunteers to go down the line and pick out one item for each hamper and place it into a basket. 

Alan worked with one of the regular volunteers called Louisa.

Once they had filled each basket, it went over to the volunteers, who filled cardboard trays and wrapped them. They rely on the local Supermarkets for these trays.

Young people from the local School gave up their time to help.

The volunteers are so hard-working, and there is still time to donate so that those needing help can have a lovely Christmas.

Thurrock  hopes to send out over 200 hampers this Christmas.

Please help your Local Food banks – they need your help all year round. 

If you visit the Trussell Trust, you will easily find your local bank.

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Thurrock Food bank hopes to donate over 200 hampers this Christmas.

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