Phase 4 of Heathside & Lethbridge Project

Phase 4 of a large scale regeneration project in Lewisham is about to restart after a brief delay due to planning.

Phase 4a & 4b of Large regeneration in Lewisham

Phase 4 of a major regeneration project in Lewisham is about to restart following a brief delay caused by planning. This large scale demolition project is another partnership between Downwell and Ardmore and is the second second large project being completed for them at the same time (the other being Sutton Point)

We were on site in the summer to complete the asbestos removal and soft strip of Travis & Ferguson House. At the time the third block, Melville House was still occupied and waiting to be decanted into the new block.

After a brief period off site whilst planning was being finalised Melville House is now being soft stripped in preparation of being demolished by high reach in the coming weeks.

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"Downwell are pleased to be a part of such a large scale regeneration project that is going to bring many new affordable homes to Lewisham"

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