Marathon Man

Downwell’s Matt Phillips (aka Marathon Man) is on a fundraising mission.

Our marathon man Matt Phillips who is the Managing Director at Downwell is well deserved of his super fit, super philanthropist title. He is only part way through his year of Marathons and has already raised over £6,000 for various good courses that are close to his heart.

The London Marathon Matt took part in earlier this year was his 4th for which the money he raised went to the good courses supported by the Snowden Trust. Midway through the race Matt met up with good friend martin Barnett of Hughes & Salvage.

With only a week to recover, Matt completed the Brighton Marathon. He is also going to be completing  2 more marathons this year. The Berlin Marathon in September and New York in November.

If you wish to sponsor Matt in any of these marathons, we will be publishing the details of how you can closer to the time.

"Fitness and charitable work is what I enjoy doing most in my spare time. " Matt Phillips

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