Michael Corridan Joins Downwell

Demolition veteran Michael Corridan has joined  Downwell bringing with him over 30 years of demolition experience.

We are pleased to announce that demolition veteran Michael Corridan formerly of Micor Demolition has joined Downwell . Michael founded Micor Demolition in 1986 and had been at the helm ever since. During this time they secured many large scale technical inner city demolition projects. Michael also attended numerous demolition seminars where he shared his wealth of knowledge with other industry leaders.

Michael brings with him his wealth of industry knowledge and experience that he has built upon over 30 years in the industry. Michael’s wealth of knowledge will contribute to Downwells success and we thoroughly look forward to working with him.

Our new arrival brings with him over 30 years of high level demolition experience.

100 years of demolition experience


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