90-92 Blackfriars Rd

A mixture of single storey up to 3 storey commercial buildings were demolished for Bouygues UK

Blackfriars Road Demolition

The demolition project we were appointed to complete on Blackfriars Rd was divided into 2 phases. The first phase was the asbestos removal and soft strip. The second phase was the demolition of the structures down to ground floor slab level.

Scope of Works

  • All of the services were were isolated back to the main incoming supplies within the building. They were then securely locked down with warning signs displayed on them.
  • An asbestos survey had identified that there was both licensed and non-licensed asbestos within the buildings. These were removed under both controlled and semi-controlled conditions by Inner City Environmental.
  • All of the internal fixtures and fittings of the buildings were removed by operatives using both hand and power tools. The different waste streams from the buildings were segregated and loaded into waste skips. The waste skips were then collected from site and taken to the nearest recycling facility.
  • Phase 1 works were then completed and we left site for several months until we returned in March 2016 to start the demolition.
  • The timber hoarding that had been erected tight to the building had to be moved off the building and erected on concrete blocks. This was subject to pavement licences being granted from the local council.
  • With the timber hoarding now moved the scaffold could be erected around 3 elevations of the 3 storey building. This scaffold was encapsulated with flame retardant Monarflex.
  • Temporary propping was installed within the basement of the main building so that the high reach machine could traverse across the ground floor slab whilst demolishing the floors above.
  • The section of building running parallel with Boundary Row was demolished using small demolition plant using the top down demolition method to reduce the building a floor at a time.
  • The building running parallel with Ufford St was demolished using a high reach excavator to reduce the building a floor at a time down to the ground floor slab.
  • All of the concrete and masonry arisings from the demolition were crushed on site to a certified 6F2 aggregate. This aggregate was stockpiled on site to be used on the construction phase.

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Project Name:
90-92 Blackfriars Rd

90-92 Blackfriars Rd, London, SE1 8HW

Bouygues UK

Project Dates:
Phase 1 - August 15
Phase 2 - March - April 16



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