Axion House, Lewisham Demolition

An industrial building in Lewisham. The building was located between a river and an overground railway. Residential properties backed onto the river.

Lewisham Demolition

Our community liaison officer prepared an information leaflet for distribution to the residents. A number of the residents expressed their concerns about noise and vibration. Our community liaison officer met with them and discussed their concerns. As a result, he was able tos atisfy with the measures we put into place.
These included introducing non-noisy working periods.

Protection scaffolding was erected along the riverside to protect against dust and debris. We had to notify the river’s authority about the works beforehand. The railway was not close enough to cause any problems.

Inner City Environmental carried out the removal of licensed and non-licensed asbestos.

The demolition of the building started at the front, working towards the back bay by bay.

The slab and foundations were grubbed up to a depth of 2m.

The concrete waste materials were crushed on-site, and pile mats wereconstructed.

We achieved our target of 96% of materials for recycling.

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Project Location:
Lewisham South London

Building type:

Protection Scaffolding, Asbestos Removal, Demolition and On Site Crushing

Project Duration:
10 Weeks



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