Braganza Street, Demolition South London

We were appointed by the main contractor to demolish Industrial buildings in Kennington. The site was located close to the Elephant and Castle.

Demolition South London

This site was a medium sized industrial estate. The buildings were situated next to a large primary School and a Playgroup. 

The main contractor had made contact with the local community and the Schools to advise them of the works and established a clear line of communication with those likely to be affected during the works.

Site access was through residential roads with vehicles parked on either side. The traffic in the area was heavy at all times.

A traffic management plan was prepared and vehicle movements were restricted to specific times of the day to minimise journey times to and from the site and congestion.

Protective Scaffolding had to be erected on the boundaries to protect the neighbouring properties and school.

Squatters had occupied the buildings, and a full environmental cleanse was required before work could start.

Inner City Environmental were appointed to remove asbestos-containing materials within the buildings, including the roofs.

The building was soft stripped by trained Downwell Operatives.

The buildings were demolished including the slab and foundations.

Resultant materials we crushed and stockpiled on site.

For more information on Industrial Estate Demolition Telephone 01708 932 300 or demolition insights visit – Link


Access was via residential roads with cars parked on either side



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