Demolition in Camden – Aspen House

A seven storey residential block of flats with garages and a former gym located in a residential area of Camden for a leading main contractor.
The works are part of a regeneration project in the area.

Demolition Camden

 All three Downwell Group Companies were involved in this project for a large principal contractor. Unfortunately, the COVID 19 Lockdown meant a delay in the project as Camden Council suspended all construction works.

When the go-ahead, the main contractor had introduced stringent COVID working practices, which were all new to everyone. Downwell embraced these measures, and work started. Most of these measures have become part of everyday life on a demolition or construction site.

Before the Lockdown, instruction was given to carry out R&D Surveys for all the buildings. On returning to work, Inner City Environmental commenced extensive asbestos removal works. In addition, some environmental cleaning had to areas of the building due to heavy pigeon guano was carried out.

Inner City Scaffolding erected protective scaffolding to the roadside end of the building for the demolition works.

Because of the location, the main contractor had to have regular meetings with those living next to the site.

Downwell approached a couple of schools in the area to enquire if we could carry out some educational initiatives as part of our Social Value contributions. However, due to COVID, this was not possible.

A High reach excavator supported by standard machines carried out the demolition.

Slab and foundations removal was also part of our works and a reduced level dig.

Crushing of all concrete materials was carried out and used in the construction of a piling mat.

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The go ahead to start this project was given just before the COVID 19 Lockdown



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