Greenwich Police Station

A project for one of our established clients to demolish a former Police Station in Greenwich.

Demolition in Greenwich

Demolition in Greenwich – this former Police Station was located close to the Greenwich one-way system next to two residential blocks. Protection scaffolding was required to the front and sides of the building for the demolition phase.

The asbestos surveys revealed substantial amounts of asbestos and pigeon guano infestation to the upper floors.

The basement of the building contained a nearly full oil tank.

The Works

Scaffolding was erected by Inner City Scaffolding.

Inner City Environmental carried out a full environmental clean to the affected areas before commencing with licensed Asbestos Removal to all areas of the building.

Downwell followed Inner City Environmental with soft strip works.

The building was in an L shape and the two-storey section of the building was demolished first using a 30-tonne machine with the main building demolished using a high reach excavator.

All materials were crushed on-site and used to construct a piling mat.

The oil was drained from the tank before demolition work began.

Demolition in Greenwich Videos

All Downwell Group companies were involved in this project to provide a complete service.



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