Heathside and Lethbridge – Phase 5

The final phase working as a subcontractor for Ardmore Construction at Heathside and Lethbridge in Lewisham. The works involved asbestos removal and demolition of six tower blocks.

Phase 5 – Asbestos Removal and Demolition in Lewisham

After completion of phase four we secured phase 5 working with our established client Ardmore Construction.

The scope of works included:

  • Environmental Cleaning – clearance of pigeon guano and
  • sweep for sharps and needles
  • Asbestos removal
  • Protection of substations
  • Soft strip
  • Removal of slabs and foundation
  • Crushing
  • Pile mat construction

The works were adjacent to the newly completed blocks where the former residents from phase 4 were now living.

Community Liaison and Support

Clear communication channels needed to be made with residents. Working together closely with the Ardmore residents liaison team, we carried out several meetings at the local community centre before work started.

The purpose of these meetings was to explain our working procedures. They included how we proposed to reduce the environmental impact on them. We listened to any concerns that they had and incorporated these into our Construction Health and Safety Plan.

We held regular residents meetings throughout the project programme. We were also involved in community initiatives to interact with the residents to further cement clear communication channels.

Downwell also worked with the ‘Lewisham Construction Hub’ and charity ‘Divert’ to employ young people on site who had been in trouble with the police to get them back to work.

The Works

Inner City Environmental carried out the asbestos removal for all the blocks in sequence to allow the demolition to follow on as each block was cleared. There was a substantial amount of asbestos in each block.

Most of the blocks had to be environmentally cleaned by Inner City Environmental before any work could commence inside the buildings.

There were two electrical substations located within two of the buildings, plus a mains supply that fed a large area of Lewisham ran under the back of the site.

There was a delay in getting the substations disconnected by our client. The demolition of two of the blocks had to be deferred.

The upper floors demolition was carried out by our high reach machines until the standard machines could take over at the lower levels.

The slab and foundations were removed. We installed on-site crushing to reuse the materials for construction of pile mats.

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Materials were crushed on site to reduce the environmental impact and maximise reuse for the construction of pile mats.



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