Baitul Futuh Mosque (Fire Damaged)

Downwell were appointed as Principal Contractor to demolish a large section of the Baitul Futuh Mosque following a fire that ravaged part of the mosque.

Fire damaged building demolition

Downwell were appointed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to complete the demolition works of a fire damaged building at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden. The mosque which is the largest in Western Europe was being redeveloped following a tragic fire that destroyed part of the mosque in 2015.

Scope of Works

  • Initial surveys had to be competed of the structure to ascertain its structural stability to enable a suitable demolition methodology to be designed.
  • A detailed logistics plan had to be designed and implemented as the mosque was still to remain open to worshippers during the demolition works. The entrance to the mosque was to be shared between construction traffic and the large number of visitors coming to the Baitul Futuh Mosque every day.
  • The comms/electrical room which was in the corner of the damaged section had to be retained as this was crucial for the operations of the mosque. This was separated from the main structure by hand and then protected with weatherproofing materials to ensure that water could not get into the electrical componants.
  • Areas deemed to be safe to work in were cleared of asbestos containing materials by Inner City Environmental. They also conducted a watch and brief at certain points during the structural demolition works.
  • The majority of the structure had been gutted due to the fire so there was little need for soft stripping of the internal fixtures and fittings. Any remaining non masonry and concrete materials were separated from the rubble as the building was reduced.
  • A section of the building close to the nearby railway and a section close to the access road to the rear of the mosque had to have scaffolding erected around for protection. This was completed by Inner City Scaffolding.
  • The demolition of the mosque was completed using a High Reach demolition excavator with munching attachment and standard height demolition plant. Demolition activities close to the retained sections of the mosque were completed using hand held breakers and oxygen-propane cutting equipment.
  • Once the building was reduced to the ground, the slab and foundations were removed and stockpiled for crushing.
  • All of the masonry and concrete arisings were crushed on site to a certified 6F2 aggregate. This material was kept on site to use during the construction phase.

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Project Name:
Baitul Futuh Mosque

181 London Rd, Morden, SM4 5PT

Ahmaiyya Muslim Association

Project Dates:
January 2017 - June 2017

Project Value:



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