Hammerson House

The former retirement home was being demolished with a more modern and environmentally friendly replacement being constructed.

Demolition of retirement home

The former retirement home was in need of a bit of modernising. The client wanted the old building demolished to make way for a more modern and environmentally friendly replacement. The building was situated within the well established and mature garden which needed to be protected throughout the demolition works.

Scope of Works

  • We were appointed as Principal Contractor for the duration of the 15 week project. The scope of works involved tree protection, asbestos removal and demolition of the entire structure to make way for the new building.
  • The building was left with large amounts of furniture in. Prior to removal we contacted local charities and housing associations to check if there was anything of use to them. A large quantity of bed frames, wardrobes and other cupboards were removed for reuse by local charities.
  • We employed a specialist tree care contractor to remove trees and set out tree protection fencing as set out in the arboricultural development statement which as supplied by the client
  • Inner City Environmental were employed to remove all asbestos containing materials throughout the building prior to demolition. Both licensed and non-licensed asbestos was present within the building and these were removed under both semi and fully controlled conditions.
  • The entire building was soft stripped of all non structural elements before the structural demolition was started. The soft strip element helps to keep the masonry and concrete clean and enable the different elements being removed to be recycled easier. As waste is removed it is sorted into the different waste streams and loaded into the appropriate bins for recycling.
  • The structural demolition element was completed by standard height demolition equipment using a variety of demolition attachments. Concrete munching attachments were used to reduce the brickwork in a steady manner whilst keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Once the building had been reduced to the ground the ground slabs and foundations were removed from the ground with the ground being cleared of obstructions down to 2m. Due to piles being used to support the previous building the caps were removed and locations of the piles plotted on a drawing so that the construction team could easily locate them.
  • All masonry and concrete from the demolition of the structure was crushed on site to a certified 6F2 aggregate and removed from site to be used on other projects.
  • We registered the site for the Considerate Constructor Scheme and we are pleased to report that the site received a Performance Beyond Compliance award.

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Project Name: Hammerson House

North London

Value: £300,000

Duration: 15 Weeks



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