Sherwood Close, W13

Regeneration project including asbestos removal and demolition of numerous flats and houses.

Housing Demolition – Regeneration in Ealing

We were appointed by Lovell to carry out housing demolition at  various residency blocks as part of a major regeneration of the area. The project, once completed is going to be a thriving neighbourhood with green tree lined avenues, communal courtyards, private gardens, play areas and private spaces for residents to enjoy.

Scope of Works

  • We had to clear all of the the asbestos containing materials from the structures before they could be safely demolished. This included a large amount of textured coatings that had to be scraped from the walls and ceilings under controlled conditions. All of these ACM’s were removed from the buildings by Inner City Environmental.
  • All of the buildings were then soft stripped of all the non-structural elements. These are removed from the buildings as it is easier to segregate the different waste streams at this stage rather than as the building is being demolished. It also helps to ensure that a larger amount of these materials get to be recycled.
  • The non-structural internal elements of the building were removed by operatives using different hand tools and power tools. They were then separated into the different waste stream, whether it be timber, plastic, or metal and put into the appropriate bin for that waste stream.
  • Once all of the non-structural elements were removed and sorted for recycling the main structure of the buildings could be demolished. This was completed using a variety of demolition spec’d excavators. The larger structures were firstly demolished using high reach machines. these reduce the buildings down in size, in a controlled and safe manner. Large quantities of water are used to during the demolition to help keep the dust down. Once the buildings have had their height taken down, other, smaller machines can help demolishing the buildings down to the ground level. These smaller machines also assisted with processing the materials and removing any other waste items that could not be removed during the soft strip.
  • All of the concrete floor slabs and foundations were then broken up using a pneumatic breaker on the end of the machine, dug out of the ground and the stockpiled for crushing.
  • All of the masonry and concrete arisings accumulated from the demolition were crushed to a certified 6F2 recycled aggregate. This material was left on site to be used during the construction phase.
  • Following the completion of the successful project we received the “Lovell Subcontractor of the Month Award” for an “Outstanding Performance”

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Project Name:
Sherwood Close Estate

Sherwood Close, London, W13 9YJ

Lovell Partnerships

Project Dates:
July 2016 - November 2016

Project Value:



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