Howe Barracks, Canterbury Kent

Howe Barracks was a former ministry of defence army barracks located in Canterbury until it was closed in 2015. Downwell secured the demolition contract  from Taylor Wimpey who were redeveloping the site into residential housing.

Howe Barracks

Howe Barracks covering around 70 acres, consisted of a mix of building types dating back to the 1930s.

Ecological Considerations

As part of the planning stage, Taylor Wimpey carried out an environmental survey of Howe Barracks, and it revealed bats were roosting in one of the main buildings. Taylor Wimpey appointed a team of ecologists to work closely with us during the demolition phase.

Asbestos Removal

Downwell carried out asbestos surveys through our sister company Inner City Environmental. They appointed a consultant to undertake independent asbestos surveys. On seeing these reports, Taylor Wimpey gave us the approval to select Inner City to remove all asbestos. The investigations revealed a large amount of asbestos in the buildings.

This works began with our strip out teams following on in sequence. 


The Howe Barracks buildings were mainly two storeys and were able to be demolished using standard reach excavators down to slab and foundations following on in sequence from the soft strip and asbestos teams.

Materials crushed to 6f2 on site.

The demolition team worked closely with the appointed ecologists working from MEWP’s to remove roof tiles.

Community Liaison

During the process, Downwell initiated several community activities, these include

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Downwell were appointed to carry out the demolition of a Howe Barracks in Canterbury



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