Middlesex St (Phase 1)

Phase 1 is now complete of this substantial project in the heart of the city

Demolition City

We were appointed by Tolent Construction to carry out demolition city at Cromlech House and United Standards House. The site sits with close proximity to Petticoat Lane market and has been divided up into 2 phases. Phase 1 being Cromlech House and phase 2 being United Standards House. The site had already been soft stripped and had the majority of the asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) removed by a previous contractor.

Scope of Works

  • Clear both United Standards and Cromlech House of the remaining asbestos containing materials. This was mainly asbestos containing bitumin on the concrete floors of the buildings and various other asbestos cement products. All of these ACM’s were removed from the buildings by Inner City Environmental.
  • Areas of pigeon waste had to be removed from several floors of both buildings due to the long  period the building was derelict for. The waste was removed by Inner City Environmental under semi controlled conditions.
  • Scaffolding along 2 sides of Cromlech House was completed by Inner City Scaffolding. This included protection fans along the southern elevation to protect pedestrians who were closely walking by.
  • Structural engineers were consulted during the planning phase of the demolition. This was to ensure that the construction of the building was as what we expected and that the chosen demolition method was suitable for the construction of the building.
  • Demolition started on the northern end of Cromlech House using a high reach demolition excavator to munch through the substantial concrete beams and columns. Large amounts of water were used to suppress the dust so that it did not cause a nuisance to the market traders of other members of the public.
  • During the demolition of the building a film crew were on site documenting the works for a new demolition documentary called ‘The Demolition Man’ The film crew were interested in observing technical inner city demolition projects and all of the dangers that come with completing a project so close to neighbouring buildings and members of the public.
  • The 2100m2 building was mechanically demolished down to the ground floor slab.   Standard height excavators were used to process the concrete materials and removing the steel reinforcing bar.
  • All of the concrete arisings were removed from site and sent to a processing facility to be crushed into recycled aggregate.

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Project Name:
Middlesex St (Phase 1)

Middlesex St, London, E1 7TP

Tolent Construction

Project Dates:
May 16 - Aug 16

Project Value:



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