Radio Mast Dismantling

The London Ambulance Service used to use the 150ft high mast for communication purposes

Radio Mast Dismantling

As part of our services we can carry out the deconstruction of unusual structures including Radio Mast Dismantling –  Downwell were appointed by RW Building Services to deconstruct a 150ft high radio mast in Abridge, Romford. The mast was formerly used by the London Ambulance Service for communication. Since they switched to digital communications the mast had become a redundant eyesore on the Romford skyline.

Scope of Works

  • The section of New Rd adjacent to the mast needed to be temporarily closed. This road closure was required so that the crane required for the dismantling could be positioned for the lifts. During the planning of the road closure we approached the developer to see if there were any other contractors who could use the road closure. The developer suggested that the services for the development be installed at the same time preventing further disruption to local residents in the future.
  • The road closure and diversions were set out by Response Traffic Management. On the Monday morning they set out the barriers and the signage.
  • City Lifting were employed to supply the crane and the operator. Once the road closure had been put in place the 100t crane was positioned and rigged.
  • The operatives involved with the work were briefed on the removal methodology and the rescue plan. All of the equipment involved with the rescue plan were set out so that they could easily accessed in an emergency.
  • The operative cutting down the mast climbed the access ladder to reach the top of the radio mast. The operative used 2 lanyards when climbing the ladder so that he was attached at all times.
  • Several preparation cuts were made in the top sections of the mast so that the lifting chains could be securely attached.
  • The chains were then attached to the upper radio mast section and a 5m section at the top of the tower was cut free. This reasonably small section was removed so that the crane could test the weight.
  • The weight of the section was far less than originally thought so the next section to be removed was approximately 7.5m in length.
  • The entire mast was removed in a total of 6 sections, which were loaded directly into a waiting bunker trailer. These were then taken to a local recycling facility.
  • Once the sections of radio mast were removed the crane was de-rigged and the site cleared. the works were completed 2 days before the road closure had to be removed.

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Project Name: Radio Mast, Romford

New Rd, Abridge, Essex, RM4 1AR

R W Building

Project Dates:
5th March 18 - 8th March 18

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