Rich Industrial Estate, Bermondsey

We were appointed as Principal Contractor to complete this multi-phased demolition project.

The Rich Industrial Estate is a former industrial site spanning a 15,000m2 area. The site was made up of various sized buildings of different construction. We were employed to complete full structural demolition of some of the structures whilst only completing partial demolition of others.

Rich Industrial Estate – Scope of Works

  • One of the buildings¬†forming the demolition package was making up the boundary with several neighboring residential properties. We were heavily involved with securing the required party wall permissions. This involved creating detailed technical plans and attending numerous meetings with surveyors.
  • Inner City Environmental was appointed as the licensed asbestos removal contractor for the project. Their scope of works included large amounts of asbestos cement sheeting to be removed from the roof of several buildings across the site. Licensed asbestos removal had to be completed throughout the site under fully controlled conditions.
  • Inner City Scaffolding was on site to encapsulate a 7 storey building so that it could be safely demolished using a high reach excavator. They were also tasked with erecting protection scaffolding within the gardens of some neighboring residents so that a smaller building could be demolished.
  • Some of the concrete and masonry created during the demolition was crushed on site to a certified 6F2 and kept on site to be used for piling mats. The remaining masonry and concrete were removed from the site to be recycled at an off-site facility.

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Project Name: Rich Industrial Estate, Bermondsey

London, UK

Value: £1.2m

Duration: 18 Months (multi-phased)



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