The Ugly Brown Building

Downwell were appointed to demolish a part of the building known as the ‘Ugly Brown Building’ in Kings Cross. The former post office building is the headquarters of Ted Baker.

Demolition in Camden

Located close to Kings Cross Station and sitting next to the Regents Canal the Ugly Brown Building was a concrete frame building with external cladding. The left-hand side of the building had to be separated from the main part of the building.

In order for the building to remain operational two temporary fire escapes had to be constructed on the remaining part of the building.

The site had to be registered with the Considerate Constructors scheme.

The Works

Located close to Kings Cross Station and sitting next to the Regent Canal, the Ugly Brown Building was a concrete frame building covered with cladding. 

The left-hand side of the building required demolition down to the slab.

For the remaining part building to remain operational, it required two temporary fire escapes. These were prefabricated in the lead-in period to the works starting.

Registration of the site with the Considerate Constructors scheme was part of the contract terms.

The Works

The rear of the building was scaffolded and covered in monarflex to protect the canal from falling debris. This work was carried out by Inner City Scaffolding.

24/7 Dust and Noise vibration was set up around the site to comply with the London Borough of Camden’s regulations.

A large tree was removed to allow access to the front of the building.

The building had internal staircases at each end of the building. These were left in place to give stability while the central part of the building was demolished. The right-hand side staircase remained a means of emergency escape until the two temporary staircases had been installed.

The separation point of the building was saw cut.

 The foundations were left in and were part of the construction phase as a significant sewer ran under the building.

Considerate Constructors Audit

The site audit carried out resulted in a certificate beyond compliance.





The Ugly Brown Building - headquarters of Ted Baker



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