Union House, Tunbridge Wells

Union House was a former commercial building with a two storey car park within the basement.

Demolition – Tunbridge Wells

We were appointed by Dandara in the role as Principal Contractor to complete the asbestos removal and the demolition of the former commercial building. The site was located in the center of Tunbridge Wells close to residential properties and a retail parade.

Scope of Works

  • The building had large amounts of ACM throughout. Both licensed and non-licensed products were present and were removed by Inner City Environmental. All areas subjected to asbestos removal once cleared were issued with a reoccupation certificate.
  • There was a live sub-station within the building. This substation was being relocated to a new location but had to be protected throughout the works.
  • The building was encapsulated with scaffolding and flame retardant Monarflex.
  • The soft phase of the works was completed next. Operatives removed all of the non-structural elements from inside the building. These are removed to help with segregating waste for recycling and ensuring the masonry and concrete remains clean for crushing.
  • The basement wall running along the length of the building was retaining the main road outside of the site. Prior to demolition, we had to install some temporary props to ensure the stability of the retaining wall. We installed a wailing beam followed by diagonal bracing to the existing column footings.
  • Structural demolition was completed by firstly using a high excavator to get the height of the building down to a level where the standard height demolition plant could reach it.
  • The basement floor slab was removed with the existing piles cropped short and plotted.
  • Once demolition has been completed the concrete risings were crushed to a certified 6F2 material and stockpiled on site.

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Project Name: Union House


Value: £900,000

Duration: 26 Weeks



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