Salisbury rail demolition project a success

A 24hr railway possession was used to remove the redundant footbridge for Osborne in Salisbury

Salisbury rail demolition works a success

The Downwell rail team have just completed another rail demolition works project near Salisbury for Osborne. We were appointed by Osborne to demolish the redundant and dilapidated former footbridge which crossed the London and South Western Railway Line.

Rail demolition – project planning

The project took months of planning on the lead up to 24hr possession which started on Saturday 11th November through until the 12th November.

The team assigned to the 1st shift arrived on site in time for a safety briefing by Osborne and the COSS prior to be given permission to access the track. The 100t mobile crane to be used for the project was already set up in the farmers field next to the embankment.

Track protection

The first task was to create track protection to give a safe working platform to avoid damage  to the track. This consisted of a membrane laid over the rails with sleepers raising the level away from the rails across a 100m2 area beneath the bridge. These were then topped with a layer of Ekki mats (thick timber mats). The plant being used for the works could now be lifted down to the track which consisted of a 14t excavator for the demolition and a cherry picker to aid with the slinging of the bridge sections.

The next task was to lift off the steel beams that spanned the brick piers. These were lifted off in pairs, with a total of 3 lifts in total where they were then placed into the farmers field to be broken up into small sections. These were then loaded into a 40yd bin for recycling. The brick piers were munched down and loaded into boat skips where they were then lifted up and off the track by the crane.

By the time the second shift started there wasn’t much of the bridge left. They finished off removing the brick piers and then cleared away the track protection. A final check of the tracks before the works on the track side were complete. A small team of workers attended the site on Monday 13th to finish loading away the demolition materials and removing the plant from site.

The project was deemed a great success and completed well within the allocated programme. A big thank you to everyone on the Downwell, Osborne and Ainscough teams who helped to make everything run smoothly.

For more information on Rail demolition works projects give us a call on 01708 932300

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Bradley Manbridge, Project manager for Osborne said " Thank you to everyone who took part in the project for their great work and professionalism. We look forward to working with you on the next one"

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