Cladding Removal

The Grenfell Tower fire disaster led to extensive research and it was shown that fire can rapidly spread through the voids in the cladding.

This led to a report in May 2020 that there are a considerable amount of buildings still classified as high risk with the dangerous cladding still in place.

The Government has just allocated a further £3.5 billion towards the costs for removing unsafe cladding across England after a widespread campaign by private residents.

This will lead to increase demand for cladding removal contractors to carry out these works.

Downwell cladding removal services

As part of our enabling works services the Downwell group of companies can provide a complete service to remove different cladding types to high-rise buildings. This includes the type identified as the cause of fire at Grenfell.

Our service includes asbestos removal and scaffolding through our group companies. ACM mastic was used to secure the cladding in position on older buildings and in some cases the cladding panels are a hundred percent asbestos.

As part of the demolition or strip-out process for building refurbishment, Downwell have considerable experience in removing all types’ external cladding.¬†We can also project manage the¬†installation of new cladding through our network of specialist contractors.

Our services are available separately if required.

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Downwell provide a cost effect solution to Cladding Companies in London and the South East

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