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Standard Height Demolition
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With over 100 years of experience by our management team in the demolition industry, Downwell Demolition offers a comprehensive range of demolition services primarily in London and the South East.

Our work is with Main Contractors, Cost and Project Management Practices, Property Developers, Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineering Companies and Local Authorities.

The majority of our work is in inner-city environments where location and access continually provide us with new challenges. As a company, we learn from these, allowing us to change and improve our services continuously.

Downwell is an NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) accredited demolition contractor in Essex, meaning that we work to the highest of standards in the demolition industry. As an accredited demolition contractor in Essex, Downwell is audited consistently for health & safety combined with working methods. Our clients are always confident in appointing Downwell to carry out the most complex of demolition work.

Downwell carries out the full and part demolition of small to large buildings and structures and includes the demolition of the following:

Demolition Methods

With all our demolition projects community liaison is very important to us. We understand that anyone living or working close to a demolition project will have concerns. These are typical, noise, vibration, dust, site security and traffic movements. For this purpose, we always appoint a Community Liaison Officer to each project. Their role is to establish clear communication channels with the stakeholders of each project so that any problems can be discussed and rectified.

Recycling and Reuse of Materials

As a company, we are targeting 96% of waste materials from the site for recycling. We have invested heavily in specialist crushers and screeners to allow us to crush resultant materials and stockpile on-site for the construction phase. By doing this, it reduces lorry movements to and from the site and lowers our carbon footprint.

Demolition Advice

Downwell is always happy to discuss projects at the pre-tender stage to advise on the best working methods on the demolition, asbestos or scaffolding works involved with the project. For more information email our Business Development Director Rob Young at

Demolition across the Country

Downwell can offer our services in the following locationS

Demolition London
Demolition Essex
Demolition Sussex
Demolition Surrey
Demolition Hampshire
Demolition Suffolk
Demolition Buckinghamshire

Portfolio Download

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Environmental including asbestos removal

We cover a number of subjects about the processes involved in Demolition on our Insights Page

Downwell has the broad-ranging experience and competence to carry out and implement projects of varying complexity, on any scale and within any programme.

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100 years of demolition experience


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