Enabling Works

Facade Retention
Internal strip out works
Opening up Works
Removal of slab and underground obstructions

The importance of carrying out efficient enabling works cannot be overstated, but its importance is not always realised before it is too late. Downwell are an established enabling works contractor with extensive experience in the preparation of construction-ready sites for major developments, even in the most challenging of environments.

As an Enabling works contractors, Downwell makes a building site
construction-ready. The result is a fully prepared site, ready for the next stage of development where the construction site and any neighbouring buildings and infrastructure can all function safely.

Downwell can act as main enabling works contractors for separate enabling works packages and can handle every aspect of a project in the early stages of development, giving maximum control over both cost and programme.

Our enabling works services include:

  • Ground investigation and trial holes
  • Asbestos removal
  • Removal of underground obstructions
  • Pile mat construction
  • Removal of fly-tipping
  • Obtaining relevant consents, approvals and commissions
  • Site clearance and remediation
  • Disconnection and redirection of services
  • Creation of temporary haul roads and access routes
  • Hoardings, signage and fencing
  • Traffic management
  • Façade retention and propping
  • Obtaining relevant consents, approvals and permissions
  • Soft strip
  • Opening up works
  • Structural alterations
  • Part and full demolition of buildings and structures
  • Removal of lift shafts and staircases
  • Dismantling of old machinery and equipment from buildings 

The various packages that we offer as enabling works contractors come with our demolition, environmental and scaffolding services giving you a complete cost-effective service.

We are committed to delivering peace of mind and cost-effective enabling solutions to our clients.

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