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Structural Demolition
Asbestos Removal

As part of our enabling works services Downwell carry out complete internal strip-outs, including structural alterations to buildings. These services work in tandem with our asbestos division where asbestos is present.

Full Strip Out and De Rating

Downwell work on a wide range of projects in London and the South East. These include property developers where commercial office buildings require redevelopment into residential. 

With the ever-changing property regulations affecting business rates, a building’s full decommissioning makes good business sense.

Removal of materials from buildings in the City requires careful logistics planning, and we have developed innovative solutions to meet the toughest of challenges.

Our team has experienced project teams to offer a complete solution for your strip-out requirements, either as part of a significant refurbishment programme or de-rating a building. As part of these services, we carry out detailed pre-work site surveys. 

Working closely with our subcontractor’s network, we include service isolations, diversions, disconnections, and utilities removal. 

Our strip out services include the removal of:

  • All floor and wall coverings
  • Raised computer floors
  • Non-load bearing partitions
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Render and plaster removal
  • Mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems 
  • De gassing of air conditioning equipment
  • Lift removal
  • Asbestos removal
  • Access solutions

Structural alterations

Within the demolition industry, structural alterations are often referred to as ‘Cut and Carve.’ These can include removing mezzanine floors, staircases, removing lift shafts, partial demolition, and saw cutting slabs and floors. For this purpose, we have invested in specialist robotic equipment as well as smaller traditional excavators and equipment.

For more information on our services Tel: 01708 932 300

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We offer a full strip out service for redevelopment of commercial buildings in London and the South East. Tel: 01708 932 300
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