The Demolition Challenge Game

With the Country coming out of Lockdown Downwell will be once again opening up our Demolition game to Schools and Charities as part of our Social Value initiatives.

The Demolition Challenge

The ‘challenge’ is aimed at primary school children from the age of 7-11 with the aim of promoting the recycling and reuse of materials from demolition sites.

Downwell set the Challenge of demolishing a structure using radio-controlled models and then transporting the materials to the recycling centre.  The materials demolished from the structure are all assigned points and score points on successful delivery into the recycling centre.

All participants get a Downwell high vis vest that they can then wear on School trips.

Our marketing manager Alan Knight will explain the demolition process and how important reuse and recycling is in the Construction Industry.

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The Demolition Challenge Game teaches young people about recycling in the demolition industry

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