We think nothing of getting our tops down or doing a full strip

At Downwell Demolition based in Thurrock, Essex we use a variety of demolition methods dependant on the location and size of the building,

In certain circumstances the option for us to use long reach excavators to demolish high rise structures is not feasible. This may be due to the close proximity of other buildings, and environmental issues. In this situation, the only safe and sensible option is to carry out the work using a Top Down ‘Floor by Floor’ demolition technique. 


Floor-by-Floor or Top Down Demolition is a complex and technically challenging procedure that involves the highest degree of engineering investigation and design throughout the planning and implementation stage of the works.

Following the erection of scaffolding of, crash decks, and protective monoflex sheeting by Inner City Scaffolding our sister company the building is ‘soft stripped’ of its doors, windows, services and non structural elements, until only a bare concrete shell remains.

The Top down Demolition method then involves using Tower Cranes to lift small excavators and skid steer loaders to the working floor level. A lift shaft is usually utilised to get the demolition debris to the ground or the crane will be used to lift skips to the ground. Once on the roof the small excavators create openings and ramps from the waste debris to the floors below and work to remove the floor above. The skid steers will then load the materials into the lift shafts or skips.

Not only do we like getting our tops down we also do a mean strip. Downwell Demolition Essex carry out full soft strip services. This can be done as part of the Demolition Tender or as a separate Enabling Package where buildings are being refurbished. As part of this service we can carry out exploratory opening up works.

We work in London and the South East for main contractors, cost and project management consultancies, architects, civil/structural engineers and property developers.

Added to our Demolition and Enabling Services our sister companies Inner City Scaffolding and Inner City Environmental

For more information on our Top Down Demolition services visit www.downwell.co.uk

Check out our top down projects filmed by our drone Dave at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6qGh2ldVlw

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Top Down Demolition is used where the area around the building is limited

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