Sutton Point Project Awarded

Downwell have been awarded the demolition of the 17 storey tower block. The demolition is due to start in October 2015.

Tower Block demolition

Thedemolition of a 17 storey tower block was awarded to Downwell by Ardmore Construction. Downwell have worked with Ardmore on many large scale projects before and we are extremely pleased that they have given us the opportunity to work with them again.

The building is positioned within 15m of the railway line (Sutton Station) and traditional demolition methods were assessed not to be appropriate due to the proximity of the railway. It was decided to use the top down method which involves encapsulating the building in scaffold and reducing the building a floor at a time with small excavators.

To help the building to keep its stability during the demolition and to help support the plant on the floors a temporary propping detail will be installed. These props will be progressively moved down the building as it is reduced.

Please follow this link to out YouTube channel where you can see a video of the site prior to the start of the demolition.

The demolition of Sutton Point is part of a major redevelopment in the area. Once the demolition is complete Ardmore Construction will proceed with the construction phase. Follow this link to see the plans for the site once the building has been demolished.

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"Ardmore Construction have appointed Downwell to demolish the 17 storey tower block. The block is situated close to Network Rail property so traditional high reach methodology was not deemed suitable. We have opted for the top down method."

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